FreezeSolPaymentRouteArgsThaw: {
    asset: PublicKey<string>;
    collection: PublicKey<string>;
    destination: PublicKey<string>;
    path: "thaw";

The thaw path unfreezes one NFT if one of the following conditions are met:

  • All NFTs have been minted.
  • The configured period has elapsed (max 30 days).
  • The Candy Machine account was deleted.

Anyone can call this instruction. Since the funds are not transferrable until all NFTs are thawed, it creates an incentive for the treasury to thaw all NFTs as soon as possible.

route(umi, {
// ...
guard: 'freezeSolPayment',
routeArgs: {
path: 'thaw',

Type declaration

  • asset: PublicKey<string>

    The mint address of the NFT to thaw.

  • collection: PublicKey<string>

    The owner address of the NFT to thaw.

  • destination: PublicKey<string>
  • path: "thaw"

    Selects the path to execute in the route instruction.

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